Granny Stripe Blanket Tah-Dah!

I’m finally making a little tah-dah post about my granny stripe blanket I finished late last month. I’m very proud of this blanket as it is the first major crochet project I have finished.

I love how bright the colors are! Bringing my blanket outside made me realize that I need to get started on some spring gardening. I would just love to fill my garden with all of these colors since everything is a bit drab at the moment…

I’m sure the neighbors were wondering why the heck I was outside taking so many pictures of a blanket. πŸ˜›

I could seriously post an endless amount of pictures of this blanket — I am so in love with it. I’ll spare you though. Oh wait, one more… πŸ˜‰

I needed to get a shot of its colorful entirety.

Once again, I used Stylecraft Special DK for my blanket. I love, love, love using this yarn and now find it hard to go back to any other acrylic yarn. ❀


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