This week has proven to be quite busy for me. We’re having company this weekend so we’ve decided to do a bit of rearranging and cleaning. With this on top of working on my shop and writing, I’ve been too beat to pick up my crochet hook at the end of the day.

Earlier this week, however, I finished my cowl. Funny that I finished it when the weather is now in the 70s! Even if  I can’t wear it for a while, I do enjoy looking at the colors. I’ll model it soon and have a bit of a Tah-Dah post in the next couple of days. 🙂


I was gifted this cookbook for Christmas from my MIL. It is filled yummy paleo recipes. For health reasons I need to eat a gluten free diet, and although I’m not strictly paleo, I’ve been using many different recipes from this book. One of my favorites is the sandwich bread.

(I baked it during the evening so I didn’t have the best lighting while taking pictures.)

I made the bread using almond butter instead of cashew butter. It is a bit cake-like compared to regular bread (it might have something to do with the almond butter I use), and I find it perfect for breakfast, slathered with Nutella. So yummy!

The recipe is also on Danielle Walker’s blog. It’s very easy to make — and that’s coming from someone who is not a natural in the  kitchen. 😉

For dinner tonight I am making chicken tikka masala from scratch in my slow cooker. It is a simple enough recipe found during a few Google searches. I’m hoping it turns out well. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t necessarily like cooking, but I do want to start making wholesome meals on a regular basis that J and I can both eat together. x


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